1.5 to 7 tonnes

Explore Hyundai's range of LPG Counterbalance Forklift Trucks with loading capacity up to 7 tonnes. We offer the best operational conditions with great power, performance and load capacity.

60L/70 L-7A GM 4.3L V6 Engine

GM 4.3L V6 Engine

Market approved quality of GM 4.3L V6 engine ensures incomparable performance, durability and additional value to the machine. Powerful and effi cient engine provides excellent fuel consumption and exellent torque improved operator’s comfort. (EPA/CARB Tier-IV Certifi ed)

Fast and stable performance

Being able to quickly raise and lower the mast, as well as tilting forward and backward, the truck provides you the best operational conditions during loading/unloading operations. When the truck is fully loaded, mast lowering speed is carefully controlled to ensure safety by the down control valve. Mast (Lift and Tilt) Lock System is standard.

60L/70 L-7A Fast and stable performance
60L/70 L-7A Ergonomic operator friendly compartment design

Ergonomic operator friendly compartment design

A design based on human engineering relieves fatigue and increases operator's efficiency. The operator is able to work with increased safety and accuracy due to a wider view mast. An attractive and adjustable seat with armrests, based on a human engineering design, provides great comfort, safety and durability

Highly durable split type drive axle

The planetary reduction drive axle smoothly delivers desired torque to the drive wheels.

60L/70 L-7A Highly durable split type drive axle