1.5 to 8 tonnes

Explore Hyundai's range of Diesel Counterbalance Forklift Trucks. We offer excellent performance and simple machine operation in a comfortable workspace.

35/40/45/50 D-9S High Power Engine - HMC D4DD

High Power Engine - HMC D4DD

Market approved quality of HMC D4DD engine ensures incomparable performance, durability and excellent fuel efficiency. This engine meets EPA Tier-III and EU stage IIIA emission regulations.

Spacious Operator Cabin

The newly designed cabin provides wide visibility and spacious environment, ensuring all day comfort for the operator.

35/40/45/50 D-9S Spacious Operator Cabin
35/40/45/50 D-9S Excellent Visibility for Safe Operation

Excellent Visibility for Safe Operation

Optimized lift cylinder arrangement provides operator with wider visibility. The panoramic mirror expands the driver’s view when backing up.

Large Engine Hood

Highly accessible engine compartment assures fast and efficient maintenance. The enlarged air cleaner(8") has extended service time of engine.

35/40/45/50 D-9S Large Engine Hood