Maximize the productivity of your business with Hyundai's full range of powerful and agile electric towing and platform trucks.

15PA/40TA-7 Adjustable Steering Wheel

Adjustable Steering Wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted by a lever on the right-hand side for the most comfortable operating position.

Accelerator & Brake Pedal

Based on human engineering the accelerator, brake and inching pedals are optimally positioned for convenience while operating the equipment.

15PA/40TA-7 Accelerator & Brake Pedal
15PA/40TA-7 Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering

A hydraulic steering system guarantees smooth and flexible steering, preventing overrun and kick-back.

Concentrated Instrument Panel And Switch

Minimalistic design with ease of function and access to the operator.

15PA/40TA-7 Concentrated Instrument Panel And Switch