1.5 to 7 tonnes

Explore Hyundai's range of LPG Counterbalance Forklift Trucks with loading capacity up to 7 tonnes. We offer the best operational conditions with great power, performance and load capacity.

15/18/20 LG-7M Fast and Stable Performance

Fast and Stable Performance

Being able to quickly raise and lower the mast, as well as tilt it forward and backward, provides the best operational conditions during unloading. When the truck is fully loaded, mast lowering speed is carefully controlled to ensure safety by the down control valve . Mast, Lift and Tilt Lock System is standard.

Ergonomic operator friendly compartment design!

A design based on human engineering relieves fatigue and increases operator's efficiency. The operator is able to work with increased safety and accuracy due to a wider view mast.

15/18/20 LG-7M Ergonomic operator friendly compartment design!
15/18/20 LG-7M Strong Overhead Guard

Strong Overhead Guard

The safety overhead guard meets ISO 6055 regulation and protects the operator during hazardous jobs.

Designed for quick and easy service

An ideal arrangement of component parts ensures easy access and convenience for maintenance.

15/18/20 LG-7M Designed for quick and easy service