1.5 to 8 tonnes

Explore Hyundai's range of Diesel Counterbalance Forklift Trucks. We offer excellent performance and simple machine operation in a comfortable workspace.

15/18/20 DA-7E KUBOTA V2203 Engine

KUBOTA V2203 Engine

The Kubota V2203 engine ensures an incomparable performance and durability; with its market approved quality, this engine gives an additional value to the machine. With its power of 30.8 kW, it will fit for any work, even with special attachments that require extensive power.

Ergonomic based space design

A design based on human engineering relieves fatigue and increases operator's efficiency.

15/18/20 DA-7E Ergonomic based space design
15/18/20 DA-7E Safety Through High Durability!

Safety Through High Durability!

Safety and durability are priorities in the design of the equipment.

High Durable Split Type Drive Axle

The power-shift transmission provides you with fast but quiet travel speed under all heavy load conditions. So boosting your work efficiency.

15/18/20 DA-7E High Durable Split Type Drive Axle