Coronado 114

New Freightliner Coronado 114

Coronado 114. Maximum Payload.

Freightliner's new Coronado 114 is "fit for purpose". That's because every aspect of this truck has been considered, designed and built to ensure it excels in its specific roles.

Coronado 114 Detroit Diesel DD15 engine

Detroit Diesel DD15 engine

The heavy duty DD15 is the latest innovation from Detroit Diesel. Heralding a new era in advanced engine technology, the DD15 boasts unparalleled power and a long list of groundbreaking features.

Key engine features include:

  • Breakthrough innovation called Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS) which delivers the fastest torque response in its class.
  • Turbo compounding system which recovers normally wasted exhaust gases and converts them into fuel efficient reusable power.
  • Excellent fuel economy and low cost in ownership.
  • Smoother, quieter engine with integrated Jacobs Engine Brake means lower emissions, lower noise and reduced vibration.
  • Longer maintenance intervals and better serviceability with modularly built engine sub-systems.

SmartShift advantage

Designed to offer more freedom in the cab, Freightliner SmartShift™ is a huge shift forward in automated mechanical transmission technology.

Mounted to the steering column, hands-on-the-wheel shifting offers drivers more room in the cab and minimises the fatigue that can build up over the course of the day when using a traditional gear-shift transmission.

Additional SmartShift™ advantages include:

  • Easy to operate with the push or pull of a hand lever.
  • More space in the cab because the floor-mounted or seat-mounted shift control is eliminated.
  • Dash-mounted display.
  • No need to remove hands from wheel to operate.
  • Driver's eyes remain on the road which means less physical and mental driver fatigue.
  • Automatic shifting feature is easily overridden.
Coronado 114 SmartShift advantage
Coronado 114 AirLiner Rear Suspension

AirLiner Rear Suspension

There's a reason Freightliner's AirLiner rear suspensions shoulder the weight of more highway and medium-duty construction vehicle.

AirLiner rear suspensions shoulder the weight

With the most advanced design on the road, our family of rear suspension options keeps weights lower and payloads higher. Smart engineering means drivers, and their freight, get a cushioned ride - reducing the possibility of damage and driver fatigue.

And maintenance friendly features like double-bonded rubber bushings on moving joints ensure a long life expectancy, and save in maintenance costs year after year.

TufTrac Suspension

The versatile TufTrac suspension was designed to serve a number of vocations including refuse, construction, concrete mixer, asphalt spreader, heavy haul, mining, logging, oil field service and line haul.

Freightliner TufTrac vocational suspensions provide the following features:

  • High articulation for off-highway operations where it’s important to traverse bumps, ridges and washboard without “bottoming out” the suspension.
  • Uniform wheel loading allows your truck to maintain a uniform load over each wheel as the suspension articulates for maximum traction.
  • TufTrac’s combination of rubber-isolated pivot points and parabolic taper-leaf springs ensure a smooth ride, whether loaded or unloaded, minimizing wear and tear on both truck and driver.
Coronado 114 TufTrac Suspension
Coronado 114 More Options. More Income.

More Options. More Income.

Small things can make a big difference. Able to be rated to 106,000 kgs Gross Combined Mass (GCM), the Coronado 114's measurements mean it can haul heavier loads while delivering more income to your business.

With a bumper to back-of-cab measurement of just 114" (2,901 mm) and a set-forward front axle that’s a mere 29" (756 mm) behind the bumper, the Coronado 114 has been specifically configured to maximise the weight it can legally carry, especially on 19 metre applications such as Tipper and Dog or Pocket B-Double.

Single Trailer work, including tankers are also an option with plenty of room for arguably the market’s biggest sleeper and bull bar.

Tare weight champion.

The other number to consider is the 114's low tare, which allows loads and income to get even bigger. Weighing in from 7,961 kgs, Freightliner's new Coronado 114 is lighter than many of its major competitors – and that adds up quickly when you're getting paid by the load.

Built Tough - just for Australian conditions

Some people might think the Coronado 114 is merely a shorter version of its predecessors. Those people would be very wrong.

Unlike so many other trucks, the Coronado 114 has been built just for australia. and that means built tough.

After five years’ planning Freightliner's experts have delivered an exceptional medium-bonnet truck which still has room for the advanced detroit dd15 engine, a full-bodied cooling package and a generous cabin.

The Coronado 114 was designed to be exceptional, and it's proved to be just that.

The truck has undergone extensive testing - including a torturous shaker test in the Freightliner Research and Development Centre. The Coronado 114 has taken everything thrown at it and come back for more.

Coronado 114 Built Tough - just for Australian conditions
Coronado 114 The line between inside and outside

The line between inside and outside

The Coronado 114 easily works in the dust and dirt, the rain and mud, the heat and the flies. But that doesn't mean you have to. Double door seals, noise abatement material and thermal insulation isolate the driver from the harsh world outside, while 'pillow block' front cab mounts dampen down the lumps and bumps of the road – no matter how bad it is.

A cabin to suit to everyone

There are three cabin types to choose from; a Day Cab and two Sleepers, a roomy 34" single and a generous 58" XT (extra tall) version. Not only are the cabins wider than most, there's also plenty of headroom thanks to Freightliner's famous flat floor throughout.

Made of lightweight but highstrength aluminium, the Coronado 114 cabins not only deliver a low tare they also increase driver safety, exceeding Europe's stringent crashworthiness standards (ECE -R29)

Coronado 114 A cabin to suit to everyone
Coronado 114 Cool, quiet and comfortable

Cool, quiet and comfortable

With an air-conditioning and heating system, premium high-backed, airsuspension seats with lumbar support, a fully adjustable chrome and leather steering wheel, an ergonomically designed injection-moulded two-tone dashboard, wood grain features, and interior trims in either studded vinyl or cloth, the Coronado 114 has the kind of cabins you won’t want to leave.


  • Engine: Detroit Diesel DD15
  • Horsepower: 475 / 500 / 505 / 530 / 560 HP
  • Torque: 1650-1850 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Eaton manual or UltraShift Plus with SmartShift paddle
  • GVM: 26,000 kg
  • GCM: Up to 80,000 kg (B-Double) / Up to 106,000 kg (R-Train)
  • Wheelbase: Up to 7.0m
  • Axle configuration: 6x4
  • Cab type: Day Cab, 34" Mid roof sleeper, 58" XT roof sleeper