Weighs less. But moves more

The numbers add up when the right factors are in place. Axor prime-movers and rigid trucks combine a low unladen weight with optimum output, application-friendly design and service. A high payload, low fuel consumption, exemplary reliability, safety and driver-oriented comfort – which means that the Axor delivers a convincing performance in medium and long-distance operations.

Axor High-torque 6-cylinder in-line engines with up to 326 hp

High-torque 6-cylinder in-line engines with up to 326 hp

In a class of their own – the economical and reliable BlueTec® engines for the Axor are equipped to handle any task in medium-distance and heavy-duty short-radius distribution. Available with a Euro 5 rating as an option and boasting a durable, economical design, these engines operate with a selection of transmission and axle combinations to ensure efficient, fuel-saving power transmission.

Supporting an exceptionally efficient combustion process, the Telligent® engine management system also has a significant influence on economy. Both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are reduced and the power delivery will amaze even the most seasoned truck drivers. All of our Axors are fitted as standard with the Telligent® maintenance system. The timing of changing engine oil and other service fluids is then determined by actual vehicle wear and not by the engine kilometre reading. This further enhances economy.

The right choice for every task - application-specific transmissions

Effective power transmission calls for a transmission system tailored to the engine's power rating. The Axor comes with different transmission systems to suit a variety of application scenarios.

Regardless of whether you opt for a three pedal manual or Telligent® gearsshift, or full automatic Allison transmission, the Axor always transfers the engine's power to the road quickly and efficiently. Depending on your model and equipment options, you can choose between a manual 9-speed, semi-automatic 16-speed or 6-speed Allison automatic transmission.

Regardless of the option you go for, you can be sure of economy, convenience and optimised handling.

Axor The right choice for every task - application-specific transmissions
Axor BlueTec


For many people, the Euro standards are becoming more stringent. For you they are more cost-effective. There is an economical solution to ensure Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliance: BlueTec(R), the Mercedes-Benz SCR diesel technology. This technology employs a catalytic converter to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The process is assisted by the additive AdBlue, which is supplied from a separate tank. Thanks to SCR diesel technology (selective catalytic reduction), Mercedes-Benz satisfies Euro emissions standards and reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Some engines (410 & 440 hp) even support the EEV standard.

The right choice every time - application-specific axles

The Axor offers a choice of robust rear axles to suit individual transport needs and engine ratings. The right axles help keep fuel consumption, wear and tear and noise levels to a minimum.

Fewer gears, reduced friction, less wear and tear: vehicles that require a live rear axle are fitted with the single-reduction HL 6 hypoid axle which quickly sends the power to the wheels with almost no losses caused by friction. The heavier-duty 6x4 and AWD Axor trucks come standard with the robust HL 7 planetary axle a bullet-proof design suitable for all types of work. Regardless of which drive configuration you choose, both are perfectly harmonised with very low maintenance requirements.

Axor The right choice every time - application-specific axles
Axor The new two-bellows air suspension

The new two-bellows air suspension

Whilst the 4x2 rigid trucks with air-sprung rear axle are fitted with four-bellows air suspension, Another groundbreaking innovation is the 4x2 prime mover which has a two-bellows suspension. Dispensing with the air bellows at the rear of the vehicle means that the shock absorbers can be positioned behind the axle. The result is extremely stable handling, outstanding driving dynamics and optimum roll characteristics

Level Control System

Telligent(R) level control system The Telligent(R) level control system is part of the standard specification for air-sprung Axor models. It enables the frame of air-sprung vehicles to be raised and lowered quickly, thus saving time when switching semitrailers or interchangeable bodies and allowing the height of the vehicle to be adjusted for loading bays. The air pressure in the spring bellows is also adjusted ensuring that the frame always stays at a constant height.

Axor Level Control System
Axor The brake system

The brake system

The Axor is fitted with an extremely powerful brake system as standard. The compressed-air system, including internally ventilated discs and ABS, maintains a continuously high brake pressure of 10 bar, which is on tap at all times. This translates into quick brake response times and consistently high rates of deceleration, even when the brakes are subjected to heavy usage and applied several times in succession. ABS harnesses the braking power to full effect, preventing the wheels from locking and keeping the Axor steerable, even during an emergency stop.

The tried-and-tested stabiliser link

With air-sprung rear axles, the stabiliser link has a dual function: it is responsible both for axle location and stabilising body roll. In other words, it does the work of two control arms, two bearing brackets, two articulated rods and numerous mounting parts. The result is outstanding handling and a reduction in weight.

Axor The tried-and-tested stabiliser link
Axor Four cabs. No compromises.

Four cabs. No compromises.

If you want to work effectively, you need a workplace that makes the job as comfortable as possible. Somewhere that makes you feel at home. Axor cabs deliver both.

With the L-cab and L-cab with raised roof, the Axor is ideally equipped to handle the challenges of medium-distance distribution. The L-cab is fitted with the comfortable standard bed and the raised roof variant offers a comfortable standing height, plenty of stowage space and is optionally available with a second (luxury) bed in the upper sleeping area. The S-cab or S-cab with rear panel extension for the Axor are also carefully designed to deal with the vigours of every truck application and to meet all driver requirements.


  • Engine:Mercedes-Benz 7.2 Litre Turbo-Intercooled 6 cylinder engine
  • Horsepower:290-330 Hp
  • Torque:1120-1300 Nm
  • Transmission:9 speed syncromesh manual or 16 speed automated manual
  • GVM:Up to 27,500kg
  • GCM:Up to 39,000kg
  • Axle configuration:4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4
  • Cab type:L-cab with raised roof, L-cab, S-cab with rear panel extension, S-cab