New Hyundai Forklifts 10/13 BOP-7

1 to 1.3 tonnes

Smooth running, efficiently and ergonomically designed, 10BOP-7 and 13BOP-7 series are built to meet your needs.

10/13 BOP-7 Automatic Centre Position at Starting

Automatic Centre Position at Starting

When the key ON, prox switch detects the position of drive wheel, and the wheel turns to the center position automatically.

Steering Wheel

A newly designed steering control coupled with our new Electric Power Steering control gives the operator exceptionally smooth and controlled steering for tight spaces.

10/13 BOP-7 Steering Wheel
10/13 BOP-7 Travel Speed Control by Platform Height

Travel Speed Control by Platform Height

Limit travel speed by steering angle - 10degrees ~ 45degrees : Linearly reduce the maximum speed Travel banned height is set for safety - over : 5,500mm

High Technology ZAPI Controller

The efficient, almost noiseless, 8Khz(high frequency) controller provides smooth quite operation and protection for low & high voltage, overheating and fault recording.

10/13 BOP-7 High Technology ZAPI Controller